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  • PKF West Rand Inc SAICA Trainee Accountant
    The work never gets boring and each day is different. Working for the firm the size of PKF West Rand allows great opportunity to be an important part of the team and work with other trainees and managers as well as partners.
    PKF West Rand Inc SAICA Trainee Accountant
  • PKF West Rand Inc SAICA Trainee Accountant
    I always enjoyed learning something new every day, and I believed that becoming a Chartered Accountant would offer the option of constant development. I was not wrong! Starting my career at PKF West Rand Inc and pursuing the CA(SA) route is even better than I could have imagined.
    PKF West Rand Inc SAICA Trainee Accountant
  • When I was applying for jobs, I came across this question: “What would you like to be in 5 or 10 years’ time?” My answer was to become a partner, and I believe by choosing a smaller firm, the opportunity to climb the career ladder is greater than working for one of the Big 4 and being overlooked as one of the 300 other trainees
  • PKF Knysna Trainee
    Although challenging at times I have learnt a lot in my time at PKF Knynsa, and it was such a privilege to work in such a beautiful part of the country
    PKF Knysna Trainee
  • M. Jordaan - PKF Port Elizabeth Trainee
    My experience thus far has lived up to expectations created while doing my vacation work at PKF. The level of exposure and responsibility that you have access to if you’re willing to show that you can go the extra mile is invaluable and definitely something I was looking for when deciding where to do my articles. The great people I get to work with is just the cherry on top
    M. Jordaan - PKF Port Elizabeth Trainee
  • PKF Constantia Valley Trainee
    I really enjoyed the variety of clients I worked on during my articles as well as working with such dynamic and interesting colleagues
    PKF Constantia Valley Trainee